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Hello, everyone. It is a member of the House of Representatives Taimei Yamaguchi. Once a week, I will send out the information in English. A lot of elementary school children, came to visit me this week of the National Assembly from the constituency. “What Should politicians do for children in the future,” I think so every time you see the appearance of energetic children. This week, about what in “run Headquarters Play” Education Research Council of the Liberal Democratic Party policy, allowed to take advantage of ICT, trying to improve the academic achievement, there was discussion.

Japanese children, learning time at home in the world the lowest, time to watch TV on the contrary, is a top in the world. Tends to be the children’s lifestyle, aliteracy progresses, use the Internet a lot, I need to adapt to the times of the class form. It is a plan to take advantage of that, “tablet” there. There is also a visual effect, to world-class academic, I need a reform in education, and fun learning environment.

In fact, in elementary school located in Hino, Tokyo is a validation seems to have introduced the tablet to class. As a result, the result of the ability to read, ability to write, speak, mathematical ideas that improved capabilities, and hear came out. Was introduced through a discussion aggressive future, education will change as well. As a politician, from the point of view of management as, since the outgoing various things in the future, thank you.





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